1989 Virage HSP933HGH889


Boat Specifics:

Model: Virage

Model Year: 1989

Color: White with 4-color stripes

Current Power: 225 Promax

Current Owner: Tiger S.

Current Location: Northern Florida

Previous Owner: Randy P.

Previous Locations: Minnesota

Detailed Information

One afternoon the phone rang at the HydroStream offices. A very nice gentleman stated that he had an all original 1989 Virage that he purchased from Howard Pipkorn back around 1990. Turns out the two were friends and this boat was a demo. The seller was interested in passing the boat on as he needed room in his garage and didn't use it like he used to. We decided to purchase the boat ourselves, it's just that original! From the trailer to the interior, to the motor, this is a true time capsule.


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