Our mission is to document the history and current status of every HydroStream

The registry's goals are:

  • To allow current owners to document their boats with detailed info, photos, and the stories behind the boat.
  • To provide prospective buyers a trusted source of documentation to research a boat before making a purchase decision.
  • To continue the work of the International HydroStream Registry from the past.

 Featured Entry


David J's 1985 V-King

This is the very first Factory Certified Restoration produced by HydroStream's new Restoration Program!



Most Recent Entries

1984 V-King

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1989 Virage

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1985 V-King

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Note, an accurate HIN (Hull Identification Number) is required for each entry. We need this number in order to accurately represent the information for each boat in the registry. For those with security concerns, please know that HINs are NOT public record and, to the best of our knowledge, only basic details of the vessel can be found online, NOT your personal information.