HydroStream Factory Certified Restoration Program

Where Legacy Meets Innovation

Welcome to the HydroStream Factory Certified Restoration Program, where our passion for quality and reverence for history converge. Our mission? To breathe new life into your classic HydroStream, ensuring she's ready to provide the next generation (or two) with new thrills and more fun days in the sun. 

The Art of Restoration

  • Composite Materials: We blend traditional boat building with cutting-edge technology. Our team uses ONLY advanced lightweight composite materials that are CNC cut for a precession fit that enhances structural integrity, durability, performance, and reduces weight. Say goodbye to rotten wood transoms, stringers, core, and floors!

  • Top-Quality Craftsmanship: Each restoration project is a personal labor of love for us. Our restoration process was formulated from years of boat building experience and is overseen by a panel of experts.

  • Your build, your way: We meet with each client to discuss the goals of the restoration. From these conversations we create a detailed scope of work that delivers on those goals.

Investment in Excellence

  • CFR Status: Each Certified Factory Restored boat comes with two installed placards indicating its status as a CFR boat. The QR code on the placard links back to the registry page for the boat. This page will contain photos of the build to serve as a permanent record of the restoration process.
  • Preserving Heritage: Owning a restored HydroStream is an investment in preserving a shared heritage. These boats tell stories of speed, adventure, and family memories. Together we safeguard that legacy.

  • Resale Value:  With an automatic place in the HydroStream Registry as a Certified Factory Restored (CFR) boat, your investment ensures that your HydroStream will continue to provide years of high-speed performance that looks like nothing else on the water. A restored HydroStream isn’t merely a boat, it’s a collector’s item.

Examples of Our Work

Here are some photos from our restoration for David J. His 1985 V-King turned out exceptionally well!


 Check out the registry entry here


Interested in restoring your HydroStream? Drop us a line to get the conversation started!