HydroStream Voo Doo and Mini Voo Doo


  • Length: 13' 4"
  • Beam: 66"
  • Transom Height: 24"
  • Recommended HP: 45 - 65
  • Approximate Weight: 260 lbs



  • Length: 11' 6"
  • Beam: 66"
  • Transom Height: 22"
  • Recommended HP: 20 - 40
  • Approximate Weight: 220 lbs



Canadian Models


The Voo Doo is an extremely fun and enjoyable boat to drive, but there are several things a prospective owner should be aware of. First, it is not difficult nor all that uncommon to blow over in one! Usually when a boat blows over, you think of speeds around 80 - 100 MPH and above depending on hull type and conditions. Because of the Voo Doo's light weight, blowover is a very real possibility even at 60 MPH. The major cause is over-trimming. Though the boat can be trimmed with the bow up in the air like a typical Stream, this is a hull that should run flatter with very little trim. Blowover is not straight up and over, but rather the bow will go up and off to the side while the weight of the motor carries the back end around to the front. The result is usually hull damage.
A propshaft height 1-1/2" below the pad is best for overall use. The hull is faster at higher heights but at the expense of planing, safety, etc.

A number of people have drag raced the Voo Doo in Canada. In the early days of the Voo Doo, the transom needed to be cut down in order to be rigged with a shortshaft motor (e.g. a 650xs - a popular choice). Eventually, the factory offered the option of supplying the hull with the shorter transom to the buyer. If a Voo Doo has the standard transom, then you rig with a longshaft motor.

The prop of choice is usually a cleaver, again to reduce bow lift. However, many owners run a chopper with good success so it is best to try them both if you can.

Cornering the Voo Doo at high speeds is dangerous and not recommended. The boat will lose its grip and spin out.

Interior seating of the Voo Doo is basically a two seater though an optional seat was available for use behind the front seat. Without this seat, room behind the front seat is ample with a lot of space for storage as well as easy access to the bilge area and accessories. Some owners fabricate a cover for this area in order to reduce the "wind catching" at high speeds.

A general rule of thumb with a Voo Doo is 50 MPH with a 50 HP motor.

The Mini Voo Doo is similar to the Voo Doo but obviously lacks the area just behind the front seat. Some say it does not handle as well as its big brother.