HydroStream Venus


  • Boat Type: 
    • XT: Modified Vee
    • V-Bottom: Pad-Vee
  • Length: 20'
  • Beam: 89"
  • Transom Height: 23"
  • Recommended HP: 115 - 235
  • Approximate Weight: 950 lbs
  • Seating: 2 Buckets & Rear Bench (one front bucket seat and side bench seat on 1979 and older models); Cabin Matress.
  • Fuel Capacity: 24 Gallons


    What is the fastest twenty footer that HydroStream made?  The Vegas?  Vulture?  Voyager?  No, no, and no!  The Venus, introduced in 1979, with stock power is extremely fast and it's all because of aerodynamics.  Back when they came out with this model and tested it, ribbons were placed around the boat (deck, sides, motor, etc.) to check the airflow and vacuum points while underway.  The ribbons on this hull just laid flat because of the excellent aerodynamics.  In addition, with the enclosed cuddy the remaining cockpit area is actually quite small.

    Ron Baker Sr successfully campaigned a very fast red (called the "Blood Vessel") Venus V-bottom back in the early '80's on the racing circuit.


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