HydroStream Vasseret


  • Boat Type:
    • YT: Modified-Vee
    • V-Bottom: Pad-Vee
  • Length: 17' 9"
  • Beam: 89"
  • Transom Height:
    • YT: 24"
    • V-Bottom: 22-1/2"
  • Recommended HP:
    • YT: 150 - 175
    • V-Bottom: 85 - 175
  • Approximate Weight:
    • YT:  800 lbs
    • V-Bottom: 750 lbs
  • Seating: 2 Buckets & Rear Bench; Forward Bowrider
  • Fuel Capacity:
    • YT: 24 Gallons
    • V-Bottom: 16 Gallons


The Valero YT Bowrider and Vasseret YT were the same; the boat was called the former from late 1986 to late 1988 and it was called the Vasseret from '89 on. The V-bottom version was introduced in 1990 again being called the Vasseret V-bottom. The Canadian Edition version is different; they never had a YT version, and their deck was markedly different than the original U.S. HydroStream model.

The Vasseret used the Viking hull. Interesting story about the V-bottom version. Some of the workers at HydroStream wanted to build one, but Pipkorn said no because he thought it wouldn't work; he felt the open bow would never fit and work with the hooked nose construction. While Pipkorn went off on vacation, the workers went ahead and built one using their own money. The result showed that it did work, and very nicely. The Vasseret was a huge success and became HydroStream's second best seller.