HydroStream Vantage


  • Boat Type:
    • XT: Modified-Vee
    • V-Bottom: Pad-Vee
  • Length: 20'
  • Beam: 89"
  • Transom Height: 
    • XT: 23"
    • V-Bottom: 21"
  • Recommended HP: 
    • XT: 235
    • V-Bottom: 200
  • Seating: Bench Seat, 2 Power Pedestals and Seats


The Vantage is simply the same hull as used on the Vegas and Voyager, but made into a bass boat.  As with most bass boats, it is somewhat heavy and needs lots of setback to achieve the higher speeds.

Included were locking glove box, locking hatches, rod storage locker, aerated livewell, bilge pump, charge back panel, and built-in cooler. The Vantage XT included an under-floor ski storage locker with teak access cover.\