HydroStream Vandal


  • Boat Type: 4 Passenger, Vee-Pad Runabout
  • Length: 14' 6"
  • Beam: 73"
  • Transom Height: 21-1/2"
  • Maximum HP: 80
  • Approximate Weight: 450 lbs
  • Seating: Back to Back Bucket Seats or 2+2


The Vandal was built in late 1977 and debuted as a '78 model. It was designed as a replacement for the Vixen model. Rated for 90 HP in '78 it was then downrated to 80 HP in '79. The last Vandal was built in approximately 1988. The mold never changed from the beginning.

The Vandal is a great starter boat for the high performance boating novice, but it can also turn into an awesome drag racing monster for the serious pro.

For several years, the "Limited Edition Vandalizer Package" was offered. This included: "steel blue metalflake deck with trichromatic phaser shearline stripes and black hull, black anodized grab rails and black 2+2 seating."



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